Not all complexions are created equal; that is why we offer options.

From next-to-natural face peels to skin perfecting lasers, The Sloane Clinic has your every complexion need covered.

Our approach is simple: Healthy skin starts the process. Aesthetic treatments complete it. That is why at The Sloane Clinic, our exclusive ranges of world class skincare products ensures that your skin is nourished and enhanced from a cellular level. On top of that, we have one of the most comprehensive ranges of state-of-the-art aesthetic treatments in Asia to suit your every need, so you know you are receiving the best quality care for your skin.

Yes, you can have a gorgeous complexion; it's a matter of knowing where to start. Identifying your skin condition from the list on your right (Do you have brown spots or pores?) is step one, followed by treatment & enhancement, finally maintenance. For more literature on your skin conditions and their corresponding treatments, you can pick up copies of The Sloane Clinic "guide" books at any of the clinics:

The Sloane Clinic Underground guide to fabulous skin

The Sloane Clinic Guide to successful Weight Management

The Sloane Clinic's series of guide books is a not-for-profit public education project dedicated to providing up-to-date and accessible health information. The Sloane Clinic's doctors and staff members work together to compile relevant and concise information so that members of the public, regardless of whether they are existing patients of the clinic, can have a reliable source of medical information at no or little cost.