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The Sloane Clinic's Lunch with Assisi Hospice
Lo Hei with a Cause
8 February 2010 - A new lunar year has arrived. It is the time for family to gather round and celebrate the auspicious coming of another year. It is also a time to remember those less fortunate. Hence, we took this time of celebration to reach out to the daycare patients at Assisi Hospice, where witnessing the next lunar year remains a bleak unknown for them.

The sun-soaked Monday afternoon saw The Sloane Clinic's doctors and nurses lined-up along the buffet spread, doubling up as food servers, dishing out Chinese fare such as yam with scallops and sambal prawns for the patients. Those who were dialect-inclined got a chance to work the language at the old folks' amusement.

With bellies filled, the festive mood kicked-upped with the yu sheng toss, filled with boisterous calls of Lunar New Year's auspicious idioms for the lo hei, led by Dr Kenneth Lee's vocals. This was followed through with two very mischievous lions from the Lion Dance Troupe who put up a terrific footwork to entertain the patients. The daycare children's excitement broke into a tinkling of giggles as the lions approached and teased them with a fluttering of their eyes.

The festivities drew to a close with a cheque donation from Dr Low Chai Ling to Mr Khoo Chow Huat, CEO of Assisi Hospice, along with several hampers the staff prepared for the patients. Nurses and doctors from The Sloane Clinic left the hospice with a heavy heart, but not without the knowledge that they will soon visit again.
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