Non-Invasive 3D Facelift Program

The Sloane Clinic 3D Facelift Program The 'jewel' of all non-invasive face lifting programs, this potent youth revival combination pairs two powerful age defying innovations for those serious about turning back the aging clock.

Delivering the ultimate uplifting experience with no downtime, the 3D Facelift Program combines two FDA approved superstars for intense lifting and youth enhancing effects. Ulthera™ treats deep layers of collagen to give the skin a deep and intense lift, fighting the effects of gravity and age effectively. Thermage™ works wonders to smoothen, strengthen and tighten the collagen fibres in the middle and superficial layers to give your visage the firmness and radiance of youth.

Because of its skin firming benefits on all layers of your skin, this 3D facelift program will ensure that you look at your prime sans scalpel. The synergy between these two skin firming treatments culminates in overall benefits greater than the sum of its parts --- this is where a star is born.

Program price:

Full face only RM23,092
You can choose to have your treatments separately. Treatments cost RM25,392 when done separately.

Full face + jaw/upper neck RM27,692
You can choose to have your treatments separately. Treatments cost RM32,292 when done separately.

[+] Ulthera
[+] Thermage

Program Details: 1 session Ulthera, 1 session Thermage, 2-time silver ion regenerating masques.