Transformations are no accidents. But for every woman who has successfully trimmed their thighs, lost their love handles, and banished bra fat or bingo wings, there are a dozen others who remain unfairly plagued by these trouble spots that take a tenacious grip despite rigorous exercise and diet regimes. Blame it on genetics, age, or the twin pregnancy, most of us non-supermodel mortals could use a little help to coax those flabby cushions into submission. As a consolation, advancements in body-bettering science now allow you to slip into your skinnies and bikinis with ease and confidence - sans surgery.

Supercharging your workouts with clinically-proven, non-invasive technology that's low in risk (and effort) and big on impact can help make your arduous path to pink of health and tip-top shape a more bump-free and silky smooth one. The beauty of the different technologies is how they all come together synergistically to tame and hone those notorious problem areas which might be previously unshakable without surgery.
For every individual, different treatments may prove more suitable depending on the area targeted and other requirements. CoolSculpting Plus may be better suited to contour large areas while Thermage works by tightening overlying sagging skin to ensure your body looks velvety smooth and taut. The beauty of different technologies is how they all come together synergistically. Capitalizing on this synergy, the CoolShape program is specifically designed to produce the best body contouring results.

Last but not least, no body contouring program will succeed without a sensible diet and suitable exercise program. The Sloane Diet is designed to complement your treatments and lifestyle via customized diet plans, natural supplements and exercise regimes. Visit for more information on The Sloane Diet.

Total birthday-suit confidence is now within your reach. Realize your nude ambition in a healthy and sustainable fashion.