A full, shiny, supernaturally healthy hair is the ultimate accessory for anyone, any season. However, hair loss (which not only happens to men, women as well) can be a distressing sight and can greatly affect a person's physical attractiveness and self-esteem. Thanks to advancement in science and technology, there has been a surge of products and techniques to not only treat hair loss before it happens, but reverse it.
If thinning has left you spinning, this FDA-approved scalp laser, Revage 670 that has made 'head'-lines may help you see light at the end of the tunnel. Just 30 minutes of the no-frail light therapy a week counters effects of stress, ageing and genetics by fighting follicle-hindering hormones, delivering a mega circulation boost to rejuvenate the scalp, fortifying feeble follicles and supercharging hair growth with its deep-penetrating laser energy. This allows you to shun shedding, sprout healthier, stronger strands, and build body painlessly and effectively, without side effects of oral medications, in as little as 12 weeks.

Ideal For: Ladies and men who are scant on time and hair, or are noticing finer, weaker strands with age. Anyone who is secretly afraid of taking on a balding parental semblance, or would just like to max out their mane potential and maintain it for as long it as possible.

While hair transplant was previously viewed as a last resort solution to restore hair in men due to male pattern baldness, mindsets are fast changing with the introduction of the revolutionary ARTAS Robotic hair transplant procedure which utilizes advanced digital technology and precision robotic to deliver better and natural-looking results at a faster speed and shorter recovery time as compared to traditional hair restoration surgery.

Ideal For: Brave men who would like to confront their moderate to severe male pattern hair loss and spruce up their frontage. Stylish bearded dudes who would like to cultivate lusher designer stubble. Unfortunate ladies hit by receding hairlines, a permanently widened part, loss of outer eyebrows with age, or patchy hair loss due to scarring.

Hair loss, once unavoidable, is now optional. Defy Nature.