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ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System is FDA-approved, physician-controlled, computer-assisted technology is able to give you fuller, younger-looking hair while eliminating the drawbacks typically associated with older transplant methods.

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Coolsculpting is a cutting-edge, non-invasive body shaping treatment that effectively reduces fat in areas of the body. The completely no-downtime fat reduction procedure is accomplished by the scientific principle of "Cryolipolysis".

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Intima Touch™ is specially designed to address and restore vaginal laxity in a painless, non-surgical manner. It uses Viveve's patented radio frequency technology to stimulate new collagen production in the treated vaginal tissues, restoring its suppleness and firmness over 30-90 days after the treatment.

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Professional Chemical Peels

Return your face to its soft, supple complexion by renewing collagen and elastin, eliminating wrinkles, reducing pores, removing acne scars and blending uneven skin tone.

At The Sloane Clinic, we use a unique blend of skin peels, containing naturally occurring fruit acids and active cosmeceutical ingredients to enhance your appearance.

What can a Chemical Peel do for me?

Chemical peels have been shown to improve:
  • Sun-damaged skin
  • Pigmentation
  • Dull and sallow skin seen in smokers
  • Active acne
  • Ageing skin
  • Rosacea
Chemical peels are designed to improve and smooth the texture of the facial skin. The naturally occurring "fruit acids" in these treatments will remove dead skin cells from the skin's surface. Removing this top layer (where most visible wrinkles are) allows the healthier skin cells to come through, allowing your skin to glow, and giving it radiance and a smoother texture.

Your facial blemishes, wrinkles, uneven skin pigmentation will improve. Acne will be better controlled, and acne scars will be softened. Pre-cancerous skin growths may also be removed.

Chemical face peel Are there different kinds of Chemical Peels?

At The Sloane Clinic, we use a wide variety of unique formulations of chemical peels to suit your skin and needs. Our doctors will analyse your skin carefully before deciding on the precise formula used. The type of peel will also vary according to the amount to skin exfoliation you can tolerate.

How much downtime can I expect with a chemical peel?

There is no significant downtime following a chemical peel. You can receive a peel on your lunch hour and return to work.

However, you will experience some flaking two or three days following the treatment, which may last up to six days. The amount of exfoliation may be light or medium, depending on the type and amount of peel used.